Product information

  • Name: Datalogic 2D Bench Scanner
  • Brand: Datalogic
  • Pack Qty: 1


Datalogic Gryphon Presentation Scanner 4400, 2D, USB Interface Only, USB Cable (90A052258 ), Kit, Black The Gryphon GPS4490 reader is a high performance 2D bar code presentation scanner for use in hands-free applications. It is available in a stylish shiny white or black body with a futuristic design. The GPS4490 scanner uses the latest and fasted imaging technology to allow reliable scanning of poor quality and/or damaged bar codes while being optimized for reading bar codes on mobile phones. It is equipped with an intuitive aimer and offers Datalogic's patented 'Green Spot' technology for good-read feedback. The adjustable stand allows the perfect orientation of the scanner to direct the reading volume where ever it is needed to improve the ergonomics in the working place..