Product information

  • Name: Audrey Touch Screen Terminal
  • Brand: Partner Tech
  • Pack Qty: 1


Audrey's thin, sleek design complements even the most esthetic store or hospitality environment and the stylish touch screen POS is available in an elegant silver/black or rose gold finish. It takes up minimal counter space and conceals all cables to keep your checkout counter clutter free. Featuring a full HD touch screen display, Audrey provides a touch screen POS with enhanced color quality and clarity for a optimized user experience. Choose between a 15-inch, 15.6-inch and 21.5-inch display and connect up to two additional displays via the HDMI-port, including a customer-facing display and a display for digital signage. Don't let your POS slow down the checkout process and cause lines or longer wait times. Audrey is built on the latest technology that supports new, more demanding applications and databases. The Kaby Lake processor, M.2 SSD memory and up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM ensure high speed data processing and responsiveness in all situations. Audrey's durable and fanless design protects touch screen POS from dust and debris as well makes it more resistant to shocks and vibrations while it provides a completely silent operation. The unit is spill proof to meet the demands in restaurants and other environments where spills easily happen. On top of all this, Audrey is backed by a 3-year swap out warranty.